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First Baptist Church of Philadelphia was organized in 1850 under the name of First Missionary Baptist Church. In 1875, the church reorganized as First Baptist Church. The church building was lost due to a fire in 1914. After the rebuilding of the church, our church served her community through worship, preaching of God's Word, and outreach. The church opened its doors as a hospital when needed after a storm in 1920 and welcomed high school classrooms in 1958 when a local high school burned. In 1963, we began our childcare program, which still continues today. FBC has a rich history of loving God and our community, and we are excited to continue following where He leads.

Our History


Meet Our Staff

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Minister of Music


Student Minister

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Children's Minister

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Financial Ministry Assistant

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Education Ministry Assistant

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Child Ministry Center Director

As a church unified by Jesus Christ, we join together to magnify God the Father, guided by the Holy Spirit, to fulfill the purpose that He has commissioned through His Holy Word by worshiping God's presence, proclaiming God's message, discipling God's people, ministering to God's creation, and fellowshipping with God's people.

What We Believe

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