FBC Philadelphia
Friday, August 28, 2015
Transforming By Faith. . .

Local Mission Opportunities

  Tray  Cards for Nursing Homes & Hospital
          The WMU's of Neshoba County Baptist Association provide tray cards for nursing homes and the hospital to be used on Sunday.  Any group or individual who would like to be a part of this ministry just click this link to find out when our church is responsible for these tray cards, choose any one or all of these locations and let Sue Keen know.
          Christian Women Job Corp is a program where women help women become self-sufficient.  There are a variety of opportunities -- from volunteers to mentors.  Volunteers may simply contribute once a session -- such as help with a meal.  Mentors must be trained and commit to mentor one participant.  Anyone wishing to learn more about opportunities of service should contact Sandi Lewis.  Click to see a list of suggestions.     CWJC Newsletter